Tailored Advice to Improve Your Future

Inflection Advisors is Los Angeles financial advisor firm, providing a wide range of fee-based financial services for wherever you are in life’s journey.

Building a Plan

Our fee-based wealth management process will get you to your financial goals.

Everyone is unique and at times a phone call can accomplish a lot, but other times a face to face meeting is more impactful early in the relationship. Communication is a top priority.

Along with regular communication regarding your investment accounts and various planning, we send out a monthly newsletter to keep you in the loop on different topics and add a personal touch to your day.

Investment Management & Planning Services

Our diverse financial advising experience guides our decision-making process by focusing on the things we can control.

We take pride in our understanding of our clients’ unique financial needs. We never recommend template investment strategies and always identify solutions that we believe will work for each client’s situation. While these are some of the services that we offer, we would love to sit down with you and identify specific areas we can help.

Analysis of current strategy
Goal Setting – Objectives
Consolidation & Organization
Establishing positive processes & habits

Cash Flow Management/Budgeting
Debt Management
Savings strategies
Insurance Analysis
Complete Financial Plans

General Business Planning
Coordinating personal finance with your business
Analysis of trade-offs and alternatives
Benefit planning

Fee-Based Asset Management

We value relationships and believe commissioned products have no place in your investment portfolio.

Our Fee-Only Pay Structure

Asset management fees are determined by the amount of work that will be required to achieve your goals.

In addition to fee only asset management, financial planning fees can be charged for projects and on-going financial planning.

Traditionally, financial planning has always been paid by assets being managed, while this works well for those who have had time to build their wealth, it does not work for many early in their careers or with newly formed businesses.

Not having the assets to get the proper planning is no longer an issue and our solution is to customize a planning agreement that works to get the correct processes in place over a specific period of time via monthly financial planning fees.The retainer model has proven to be very helpful for business owners.